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26 October 2011 @ 6:45 PM

Kasey Hampton | Seventeen | Junior | FC: Miley Cyrus


Miss Hampton—beautiful, natural sweet-heart, hard to get—unlike most girls at Laguna High, Kasey is far from the girl to be easily swept off her feet by one of the very charming sayings; that she knows you’ve most likely used on someone else before. If you want her, which I can assure it’ll be hard not to considering the fact she’s so charismatic—you’ll definitely have to prove it to her. Don’t be exactly intimidated fellow guys of Laguna, Kasey’s but only a nice person. She just can easily detect bullshit that drips from a person’s mouth, and she won’t have any of it. If she hears or even sees’ something that is in her disliked pleasure, the girl honestly won’t have a problem spitting her feelings in your face. Whether you care or not; she definitely doesn’t. Though the seventeen year old may seem more mature than most of her school, Kasey has but the utmost hilarious humor. She can literally find something in any situation worth her to break into one of her whole-hearted laughs. A contagious laugh at that, which is why most of the students of Laguna can’t get enough of her

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